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wings victory

i've had so many ppl who i would have never guessed were wings fans ask y i wasnt having a party tonite, to celebrate the wings winning the stanley cup. if all the people who stopped in to say hi would have hung around, we would have had a decent little party. and if everyone who called to ask me what i was doing today had come over we would have had a fair sized roaring party. oh well. anytime someone wants a party why is it my resposiblity to find ppl. bring your own people and i'll provide the place to party. i have no problem with weekday parties i just need a few hours notice to chech ppl b4 they make plans or go to bed at a reasonable hour. Still havent found anyone who wants to go to a free concert at dte on friday. 2 ppl who said they wanted to go left the tickets i gave them on the floor at party here. and i think tom has other plans, even thou he said kelly and he would go to the show. Oh well, maybe ill go by myself. I'll see everyone at the after party on friday and at the regular party saturday.
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