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I aint on no rap shit, I'm on some fucking u up shit!

You know what i just finished watching a shouting match between a 19 year old girl and 17 boy about 15 girls going shrooms and extacy. You know what look these particular girls' parents know where they are and what there are doing. Hell i'm hearing stories about how her father is making jokes about her being blown out last nite when she got home and how her mom runs a porn site and a legal escort service. so u know what i consider these girls to be my friends and if you are truely my friend then u wont have a problem with my other friends being at my house. If your do have a problem then be my friend we'll just hang out somewhere else.

hell half u of you were doing the same drugs in my house when u were their age. so lets not be hipacritical about it. If it was ok for u to do drugs in my house when you were that age then its ok for them to do it at that age, in my house.

P.S. Jeff moved out cuz that 19 year old girl got in his face and stared him down.

P.P.S. Oh and yeah FUCK the Family. BITCHES!
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