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Bitching and reminessing

Bitching and remmininssing,

Thats why ppl use live journal. I am here today for the later. You, see i am really fucked up rite now and I am reminissing about the events tonight and how they compare (are similar to) the events off 4 years ago. I was opening a beer in a char on my front lawn at day break on a weekday. A 15teen y/o girl was passing out drunk on the swing on the proch reminding me of the girl 4 yrs ago who feel asleep on the front lawn, we blazed a dobie on the proch and were argueing about being fucked up in the morning. we are still planiing on goting to do the days errons at 9 shit i lost my traain of 5hought. Drunbk ppl in the living reom distrcting me. ASll my old skool m'f's got ball show pappy!, and his drunlk girl, adnd me and my drunk teen bitches, lool!!!!!!!!!!!!!, daqmn im fucked up and thosee pp;l ar estull frliting and agruing, its wierdd!!sdhit i'm gpoing to pass out but first sa shemless promotion: JNimsp forth year aniversary party is July 19th a saturday at 9pm, cringe is bringing the kegs and u should come and drink and make new jph memories!!!!!!

peace, JIM
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