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So much has changed.

Some girl I never saw before was talking to me about the website last night, so I thought I'd go review it again.
I came across the pictures from Jim's 21st birthday. Two years have gone by since then, and so many of the little things are much different.
McDonalds is no longer the unofficial sponsor of the house, with stickers and signs of it everywhere...Jim can't bring his friends some food home, or complain about his workers, or that he works "7 damn days a week" to pay the mortgage. Nowadays I wonder if he can pay it at all...the power went out for a bit the other night, late on the bill. Granted, a bunch of drunks upstairs singing, not even realizing why the lights were out, was almost worth it. Hehe.

There were regulars in those pictures that I haven't seen in months. There are regulars now that I am still not quite sure who they are.

I have memories in that house that none of the new people will ever know or care about.

Friday, after it got late, it was almost like old times again. I guess it was time for new memories.

On another note, the site needs some reworking.
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