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I was reviewing the last few entries and decided i need to say a few things.

No matter who you are there are regulars you dont know. I have a wide roaming circle of friends and aquaintances. I wish some people would come over more often I miss hanging with almost anyone who slows their attendance to my shin-digs. Plus that way you could get to know the new regulars (if you wanted to).

McDonald's is once again the unnofficial sponser of Jim's Party House and the Micky D's logo feces will again be smeared all over the walls and other surfaces of Jim's Party House. Jim is currently working at McDonald's 12 mile and Mound, owned by Percent, Inc. All the other stores I have worked at were owned by Gettel Managemant Company. Come and see me at my new work and mention you read this journal entry and I can almost garuntee a free meal.

The website http://www.jimspartyhouse.com is now back up and running smoothly. There have been some minor updates you should look for.

Finally there is a party this friday 10-11-02 at 9pm to celebrate Jack Daniel's belated birthday. Jack was actually born in september 1850. The exact date is unknown. I'm sure those of you who attended when we celebrated 2 years ago have some foggy drunken memories how much fun you had. And so far this one looks to be on par with that one. I hope everyone who can make does. It promises to be an interesting night. The quote for the night "CAKE, Whip-Its, Weed, Whiskey and Beer" They all plan on being in attendance and so should you.

Jim (Owner-Operator of Jim's Party Hosue)
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