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i need a place to vent and this was al i could think of. i am upset b/c sheep and belinda are 2 of my favorite gross pointe friends, but there parents are giving me such grief. they keep calling here like i know something about what lie they have told there parents. If they cant keep this shit in check the way my lincoln friends did 3 years ago then maybe they shouldnt party here, if at all. this also goes for brandon, your mom, drunk or not, is off her rocker calling here like i know where your ass is. u need to keep her ass in check. I cant wait to talk to your cop dad, we'll see how cool he is with this. now sheep and belinda are doing it in the bath room b/c i have rented out all the sex rooms to tenants. those 2 did it in jeff's bedroom last night, the former downstairs sex room. now crystell's "big kitty" keeps head bunting me cuz he wants to be petted and have his ears scratched. and tim is making all kinds of crazy noises in the hallway. he is allways saying some wierd shit or doing some freaking crazy ninja moves in the living or dining rooms. im pretty drunk and tony is giving me a ride to work in the morning b/c my lisence is suspended. and brad has my car and doesnt know when i work and of course no one ever answers at his mom's house. Tony already gave me one of those trendy 'jonny come lately' jack's hard cola things and now im going to get some sleep so I can go to work tommorow.
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